Monday, September 28, 2009

I Hate Kate plus her Pretense

As you may know, Kate served as a guest-host on "The View" last week while the equally annoying Elisabeth Hasselbeck went on hiatus to have yet another baby that she can raise to be as ignorant and self-righteous as she is. But I digress.

Kate got schooled by Whoopi on the show when they discussed an altercation that took place at the Gosselin's home in Pennsylvania. Apparently Kate went to the house during Jon's designated custody time because she didn't approve of a certain babysitter, who later publicly stated she was having a sexual relationship with Jon.

Whoopi gave Kate a verbal slap on the wrist for her actions, which Kate admits were wrong in retrospect. But this is the part that makes me want to vomit. Kate says:

"I"m not out to win any awards, I'm just out to be the best mother I can be."

Now let's just take a minute to examine this statement. Anyone who has watched the show from the beginning can see the obvious change between Kate from season one, and the money-hungry tanorexic that appears before us today.

While she has not-so subtly changed herself physically, she's now constantly trying to play the "I"m just trying to be a good mom," card, while her actions speak to the contrary.

In the earlier seasons of the show, Kate was constantly complaining and roaming around in her PJ's while the kids just ran around the house. Now they're going on some sort of faux trip or vacation (paid for by TLC I'm sure) during every episode where she takes the opportunity to hug and kiss the kids and tell them how much they mean to her.

She was never as overly affectionate or as verbal about her goal to be a "great mom," as she is now. In all the articles, appearances, and even during her interviews for "Jon and Kate plus 8," she always throws in "My kids are the most important thing in the world to me," or "I just want to be a good mom," which is a complete show she's putting on for the public so she can stick it to Jon.

It is appalling that she spent the past four years walking all over her husband and exploiting her children, and now she's acting like the victim because the whole time she was just trying to be the "best mom she could."

FALSE. She was out to make money, and she still is. You would think she would be done after the show...maybe write a book about her nasty divorce, and then go into hiding. That way she would actually be able to spend some time with her kids.

But no, no. She is planning a new talk show with Food Network star Paula Deen. Now she will see her kids even less than she did before. Yeah, what a great mom. But I guess she's going to have to make money somehow, because she is going to have 8 hefty therapy bills on her hands sometime in the near future.

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