Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shoulder wings are IN


Select a film genre, and create a character who lives in that genre. (Action/Adventure, Film Noir, Science Fiction, Period Piece, and Western)

This should be interesting. I hope whoever gets western doesn't use chaps in any way.

I wonder who's job it is to come up with the challenges? I somehow doubt Heidi does it alone.

The challenges this season have definitely improved from past years, but it seems to be tradition that one of the best designers cracks under the pressure of having these kind of design constraints. Remember Christian's horrid 80's gold taffeta dress? I shutter to think.

Work Room:

Ra'Mon you absolutely can not start from scratch at this point. That never, ever works out well.

Ah Louise! Needle under your fingernail! OUCHIE!

Logan is so attractive...I hope he's not gay. That would be tragic.

I don't know if I believe Althea is 23. More like 28...If we're being real here.

Runway Show: My Thoughts

Irina (Film Noir) - The cape is unnecessary, but the dress is tailored well.

Carol Hannah (Action/Adventure) - A little too dominatrix for my taste, but definitely something Angelina Jolie would wear in one of her faux-action movies.

Shirin (Western) - The judges will probably think it's "too costumy," and maybe a little too can-can. Not great, but she'll probably be safe.

Christopher (Period Piece) - Definitely looks like a period piece, but he could have made it a bit more modern in the silhouette.

Nicolas (Science Fiction) - The sci-fi angel? But her wings are on her shoulders? Minus that I actually think the dress is very beautiful.

Althea (Film Noir) - Very nice. Tailored well. Hair could use some work.

Ra'Mon (Science Fiction) - Very science fiction. Mission accomplished. But the color is grotesque.

Louise (Film Noir) - Feather FAIL. I can't even concentrate on the dress.

Epperson (Western)- Not a fan of him, but this dress is very good. Western with a modern feel. Well done.

Gordana (Period Piece) - I love the 1920's flapper style, but I hate that color.

Logan(Action/Adventure) - Not a huge fan of this. It looks like a pleather jumpsuit with a plunge v-neck. Who would wear this? Oh yeah, Angelina.

The Judges Thoughts:

Top Three: Nicolas, Christopher, Epperson
Bottom Three: Gordana, Louise, Ra'Mon


Winner Should Be: Nicolas
Winner Will Be: Christopher

Who Should Go Home: Louise
Who Will Go Home: Louise


Winner: Nicolas
( Yay! Well deserved)

OUT: Ra'Mon
(Appauling. Louise should have went home for that
ridiculous, vomitous dress. I knew one of the better designers would
go home on this challenge.)

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