Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Check out what's been going on this week

Here we go again.

The official end of Jon and Kate plus 8 is upon us. And what better way to go out than to give Kate her own one-hour special to rack up the sympathy points. In the special, which is set to air on Monday, Kate will answer viewer questions and talk about how desperate she is for publicity her life. Oh joy.

Shirin was sent home on Project Runway on Thursday for the less-than-stellar dress she designed for  Christina Aguilera. She definitely shouldn't have gone home in this challenge. Chris designed a horrendous pair of sequined booty shorts, which should be grounds for an immediate "out."  Hopefully he will finally be sent home next week and the universe will once again make sense.

Here's a shocker.

Stephanie Pratt, one of the wannabe stars of The Hills was arrested on Sunday for drunk driving. After getting her lips injected a few months ago, I didn't think she could possibly do anything more idiotic.

I guess we all have to be wrong sometimes.

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