Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Su casa es mi casa, bitch

People will do anything for money. That is a given.

And no one makes that more evident than the contestants on the RW/RR Challenges. This year on "The Ruins," they've already started playing dirty, and it's only the second episode! Usually they can hold out until the end to plot, scheme, and back-stab.

But both teams jointly decided to pit Evelyn and Kelly Anne (the BFF's of the show) against each other. That's dirty.

Of course, Evelyn couldn't bare to put up a real fight against Kelly Anne, so she put on a pathetic show and then quit in the end.

Although that was harsh, the lowest-blow came at the end of the show.

Here's some background: Johanna used to date Wes (yuck), but he has now moved on to Kelly Anne and Johanna has become a big slut-face. So everyone hates Wes and wants him to go home, and he wants to stay to continuously throw challenges and make his team lose.

Here's where the ridiculousity comes in.

When Wes and Johanna were dating, Wes purchased a $300,000 home that he now lives in, but here's the kicker...the deed is in Johanna's name. So toward the end of the episode, Johanna approaches Wes and tells hims that if he throws the final challenge, where she could potentially win over $100,000, she will "sell the house and keep all of the money." That was enough to make Wes pee his pants a little.

Well played, Johanna. Well played.

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  1. I've never seen this show, but I get the impression that you admire Johanna because of her ability to stay in control. Nice pic!