Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Please spare us a Spencer Jr.

The latest episode of The Hills aired tonight.


- Audrina stood Kristin up for lunch. (Ouch!)

- Kristin kissed Justin Bobby. (She wastes no time!)

- The troublemaker Stephanie told Audrina that Kristin kissed Justin Bobby and Audrina proceeded to have a mini faux-panic attack. (Huh?)

- Spencer (aka The King of Douchebaggery) was mean to a 6-year-old... a 6-year-old!!

And I hope this isn't a recurring issue this season, but Heidi keeps trying to convince Spencer that they should procreate. (I know, I feel the bile rising in my throat too)

Spencer Pratt is arguably the most egotistical, rude, obnoxious DOUCHEBAG who ever lived. The last thing anyone needs is Spencer and Heidi reproducing. Nothing could come of that but some poor little soul destined to be as stupid and arrogant as its parents. It's Lose-Lose.

PLEASE don't do it! I"m begging you! Spare us all!

Luckily for us, Spencer doesn't seem to want a child (because he's too self absorbed to think of anyone but himself) and since Heidi is a complete doormat, the world may be able to sleep sound for a while.

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  1. Whatever happened to Spencer's beard? Was that just for the 'Get me out of here' show?