Friday, October 9, 2009

Where do they find these people?

These are some of my favorite reality show cast members of all time, and here's why:

5.) Katie Doyle (Road Rules: The Quest, 2001)

She may be petite, but she is one crazy bitch. It's hilarious.

4.) Kim Stolz (America's Next Top Model, cycle 5)

She was a mediocre model, but so sarcastic and hilarious. Her androgyny was also fascinating.

3.) Kristin Cavallari ( Laguna Beach, 2004-2006; The Hills, 2009)

The promotions for the new season of The Hills let us all know that "The Bitch is Back," and Kristin hasn't disappointed yet. She's doesn't give an eff what people think about her, which always makes for great television!

2.) David Cook (American Idol, Season 7, 2008)

This dude has a kick-ass voice. And he's beautiful.


1.) Christian Siriano

At first he was just an annoying pipsqueak with a bizarre haircut. But he was just so fierce, I ended up loving him.

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  1. This post is fierce. I am still in awe of the cinematic production of The Hills-type shows.